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Whirlpool Refrigerator Runs Too Much?

April 16, 2012



Your refrigerator is designed to run more efficiently to keep your food items at the desired temperatures and to minimize energy use. The high-efficiency compressor and fans may cause your refrigerator to run longer than your old one.

There are several factors that can affect how long and how frequently your refrigerators runs.

  • The motor will run longer under warm conditions or if the refrigerator is receiving direct sunlight from a window or door. At normal room temperatures, your motor will run about 40-80 percent of the time. Under warmer conditions, it will run even more.
  • A new refrigerator will initially run more while cooling. Allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool.
  • When large quantities of food are added, the refrigerator has to run longer to cool the new items.
  • The motors will run longer when the doors are frequently opened. Conserve energy by getting all items out at one time, keeping food organized, and closing the door as soon as possible. 


  • The best indicator of refrigerator temperatures is a beverage. If you are not satisfied with the beverage temperature, adjust the refrigerator control to a cooler setting.
  • The best indicator of freezer temperatures is ice cream. Ice cream should be frozen, but spoonable. If you are not satisfied with the ice cream temperature, adjust the freezer control to a cooler setting.
  • temperatures of items stored in the door bins are typically not as cold as interior-shelf items.

Fleet Appliance Repair Long Island NY, Suffolk County NY

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