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What To Consider When Shopping For Undercounter Refrigirators

April 14, 2011

Like many people you may find yourself short of refrigerator space. You may also wish to find a solution to the hassle of interrupting your meal preparation to walk to your full size fridge every time you need something from it. A mini fridge offers you extra refrigerator space. The size makes it convenient to place virtually anywhere you want to. It is great for a small apartment or an office, as it is for a family home.

Undercounter refrigerators are an asset to every kitchen. They are also great to place under the counter at a bar or a restaurant. Such an appliance allows you to use the available space under a counter in an efficient and versatile manner. There are several issues that you would need to keep in mind when shopping for a mini fridge.

The first and most important, of course, is how you expect to use the refrigerator. Do you intend to use it to store beverages, fruits and vegetables, or do you want to use such a fridge for extra freezer space? If you are looking for additional freezer space then you need to shop for a freezer that can be accommodated under the counter. Do choose a model that doesn’t open outwards as you would find it difficult to open and access.

Your choice of refrigerator and the brand would depend on your requirements and your budget. You also need to consider the space where you intend to place the undercounter fridge. It is important that the size of the fridge is such that it can be easily placed under the counter, with some space to spare.

You would need to think about which side the door of the refrigerator would open from. You don’t want to risk banging the door against a wall when you open it to take out or put food in. Some brands offer undercounter refrigerators that allow the door to be installed on either side, while others don’t have such a feature. Others have drawers. So, you would need to make your choice rather carefully.

It is best to choose from frost free undercounter refrigerators. This would ensure that you don’t need to defrost it to clear it of excess ice. A refrigerator that doesn’t offer such a feature would be difficult to clean and defrost. You would need to take it out from under the counter in order to drain away the water from the melted ice. It is recommended that you do an online research that will help you choose the model and brand that meets your specifications.

Fleet Appliance Repair Long Island NY, Suffolk County NY

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