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Refrigerator Not Cold?

April 16, 2012

Defrost Mode

Is your refrigerator in Defrost mode?

  • If interior lights come on and nothing seems to be working, the refrigerator is in Defrost Mode. The refrigerator and freezer sections automatically defrost. Wait 30 minutes for your refrigerator to resume normal operations.

Temperture Control Setting

Are your temperature controls set properly?

  • Your refrigerator should not be placed where temperatures will exceed 110°F (43°) or drop below 55°F (13°).
  • For your convenience, your temperature controls are preset at the factory to "mid setting" which should be correct for normal household use. However, your controls may need to be adjusted. If so, adjust the temperature one setting colder and wait 24 hrs for the compartments to cool. Repeat until desired temperature is reached.
  • The best indicator of refrigerator temperature are beverages. If you are not satisfied with the beverage temperature, adjust the refrigerator control to the desired setting.
  • The best indicator of freezer temperatures is ice cream. Ice Cream should be frozen but spoon able. If you are not satisfied with the ice cream temperature, adjust the freezer control to the desired setting.
  • Note: temperatures of items in the door bins are less cold than interior shelf items.
  • Refer to your Use and Care Guide for instructions on adjusting the temperature controls for your model


Is the cooling control turned on?

  • Given that the refrigerator is equipped with a "Cooling On/Off" feature, there will be a "Cooling On/Off " button located on the control panel at the top of the refrigerator compartment or the feature can be activated using the control panel on the exterior dispenser. If cooling is turned off, neither your refrigerator nor freezer will cool. make sure Cooling is turned on.

Refer to your Use and Care Guide for instructions on using the Cooling On/Off feature.



Have you increased usage? Are the doors opened often?

  • If your doors have been opened frequently, doors have been opened for long periods of time, or your refrigerator was recently installed, wait 24-48 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool.
  • Be aware that the refrigerator will warm when doors are opened often. In order to keep your refrigerator cool, try to limit continuous opening of doors.


Large Loads

  • Adding a large amount of food warms the refrigerator. It could take several hours for the refrigerator to return to the normal temperature


Air-Flow Ventilation

Are there food items blocking air vents?

  • In order to ensure proper temperatures, you need to permit airflow between the freezer and refrigerator compartments.
  • Cool air enters and exits the refrigerator compartment from the freezer compartment through vents. Depending on your model, these vents are in different locations. Refer to the illustrations below.
  • Once you’ve located your vents in both sections, ensure that there is nothing blocking the air flow.
  • If vents are blocked, airflow will decrease. This may cause temperature and moisture problems.

Freezer on Bottom

 Freeze on Top



Side by Side


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