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Maintenance Tips for Your Refrigerator

October 12, 2011

Fridge careCaring for your refrigerator is important, especially if you have just upgraded your old refrigerator to a brand new one. While the new refrigerators are much more advanced and much less likely to break down, it is still essential that you do your part to care for your fridge if you want it to last as long as it is meant to. You can actually do a few simple things to care for the fridge, and DIY maintenance is a great way to ensure that your fridge lasts as long as possible.

1. Refrigerator Maintenance: Defrost the Freezer

Caring for your fridge means that you will need to defrost your freezer fairly regularly, no less than every month or two. The reason for this is that the ice tends to accumulate as you open and close the door to your fridge, and the ice can cause the door to not close properly and can even break the inside of your freezer. Letting the freezer defrost takes all of a day or so, and you can plan to defrost it regularly by ensuring that all of the items in your freezer are used so as not to let them spoil. Simply unplug the fridge, open the door, and let the ice melt on its own.

2. Refrigerator Maintenance: Wash Gaskets

The seal of the freezer and fridge doors will tend to get covered in a thin layer of grime due to the constant moisture of the interior of the fridge. It is essential to keep these clean, as they may cause the door to seal improperly when they are dirty. When they don’t seal properly, they can let the cold air escape and increase your electric bill. Using a cloth and detergent to clean the gasket is a matter of minutes, but will help to ensure that your fridge stays clean.

3. Refrigerator Maintenance: Clean the Drip Pan

The condensation from the fridge drips into the drip pan beneath the fridge, and dust from around the kitchen tends to accumulate there as well. When this happens, you will find that the drip pan is full of a thick greyish liquid that looks awful and could clog up the system. Make sure to wash it once in a while to keep it free of blockages.

4. Refrigerator Maintenance: Clean the Coils Frequently

The coils of the fridge will usually get dusty quite quickly, as they are behind the fridge and are rarely cleaned. It is best to wash the coils at least once every two or three months, and you can do so with a vacuum cleaner to ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible.

5. Refrigerator Maintenance: Replace Water Filters

If your fridge has a water filter, make sure to replace it to prevent the spout from getting clogged. Replacing the water filter will also prevent bacteria from growing in the spout, bacteria which will get into your cup of ice water and could upset your stomach.

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