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How to Take Care of Your Freezer

June 24, 2011

freezer-careEveryone values their appliances, particularly their freezer. People depend on it for all sorts of things, such as storing TV dinners, keeping meats fresh and cool and also making sure that the ice cubes in the tray stay hard. Therefore, it is a real pain in the neck when your freezer breaks down. To prevent this from occurring, you should learn all about preventative maintenance for this appliance. It is recommended that you follow these preventative maintenance guidelines so that the appliance can stay with you for a long time.

Cleanliness is a big deal, so it stands to reason that you ought to clean the inside of this unit at least once each month. This means that you have to find time to rinse the inside out with clean water, which you should follow with soapy water. Thereafter, you should finish the cleaning with another round of clean water to rinse away the soap suds. Use some old cloths to dry the interior of the freezer.

At times, the fan blade of the unit can get misaligned. To correct this if this is indeed the case, be sure to check the fan blade alignment each month. In the event that the fan blade is not aligned in the right way, just replace it with a new fan blade. A good way to develop a suspicion about potential fan blade problems is if the appliance makes excessive noise; noise and vibrations will be generated by a dysfunctional fan blade. If the defective fan blade is not replaced with a functional one, it will only ruin the fan motor shaft bearings.

A freezer should not have its door left open for an unreasonably long time. If you get into the habit of doing this, the unit’s compressor will be forced to work harder than normal. As a result, you will be wasting energy when you ought to be conserving it.

Make sure that your freezer is always stocked with as much food as possible. This ensures that the unit will run more efficiently. It is common knowledge that such an appliance that is not full of food will have to work harder and use up more electricity to cool the little food inside. While it may only look like a half-full unit will save you money, it is actually more costly because of the intensified usage of electricity.

Preventative maintenance is the key when it comes to extending the life of appliances such as freezers. By taking these precautionary steps from time to time, you can rest easy that this unit will continue to serve your needs for some time to come, which is what you want as an owner.

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