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Fun Things To Do With Your Freezer!

June 8, 2013


Summer envelops us more and more every day. It’s time to break out the light clothing, inflate the inner tubes, and stock our freezers with ice cream. Your cooler is likely to be a big draw through these warm summer months; expect to buy popsicles and cold beverages quite frequently. Yet a freezer offers so much more than just snacks.

With some creativity, supplies, and a few minutes time, you can use your freezer to do all sorts of things. In the spirit of summer fun, Fleet Appliance Corp presents some creative things you can do with your freezer!


Festive Ice Cubes

berry ice cubes | Fleet Appliance repairWater isn’t the only thing that freezes. For a delicious take on the old fashioned ice cube, try freezing juices in your ice trays. You can use small amounts of powdered mix for simple coloring, fruit juices for a splash of flavor in a cold glass of water, or even mixers for a cool twist in your late-night cocktail. For the more practical, try freezing chicken broth into cubes, which makes it easy to portion flavoring while cooking.

Saving Produce for the Off-Season

frozen berries | Fleet Appliance repairStrawberries, blackberries, raspberries, melon, and many other fruits are at their absolute best during a few short months each year. To preserve your favorite produce for smoothies and other treats well outside the normal time limit, simply freeze them in vacuum sealed or specially-made freezer bags. Don’t forget to remove inedible parts and clean everything before sealing. This is also a good way to preserve snacks for birds and reptiles.

Harden Wax for Easy Removal and Extended Burns

Placing candles inside your freezer for a few hours gives you a longer burn than normal. As it hardens wax, this is also a good way to remove it from various objects. If your candlesticks are coated in melted wax, place them in the freezer for a short time then simply peel the wax right off. This helps with chewed gum, too. Just a little freezer treatment can save you money and time cleaning up all kinds of goop.

Summer Snowballs

Temperatures are on the rise, but you can turn the tables on summer and confuse a few friends with a simple trick using little more than ice from your freezer. Place the ice into a household blender and run it for 30 seconds to 1 minute and you will get snow! Crushed ice works best, and higher settings tend to make finer snow. Pack it and pelt a bewildered colleague or add flavored syrup for tasty snow cones!


Fleet Appliance repair logoDo you know of other creative uses for the household freezer? Share them with Fleet Appliance and we’ll add them to this list! Send your tips and ideas to webmaster@fleetappliance.com. Visit our appliance repair blogs weekly for fun new articles!

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