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Tips To Choose The Right Washing Machine For Your Family

November 14, 2011

A washing machine is a very important home appliance. We have become so dependent on the washing machine that if it dies, we are at wits end on what to do until we get another one. This being the case there are a number of tips that will help you not only to choose the right one, but to even save some money in the bargain.

Tip 1 – Decide on the capacity that you want to get. Most manufacturers charge only for the size as the controls and software is not much of a cost for them. A 4 cu ft washing machine will cost you much more proportionally than a 3.5 cu ft machine, so plan on getting only what you need.

Tip 2 – Check consumer reviews in independent forums.Sometimes even companies that you were under the impression were very good will turn out to have glaring flaws that come out only when you start using the machine and not before. If someone has experienced a problem and if this problem is echoed in other places, it is better to drop that manufacturer.

Tip 3 – Go for what you need not what you think that you will use. Having a sanitize wash option or a steam wash may sound really cool, but then if you are not the allergic sort or do not go rolling around in the dirt, neither of them are needed. Go instead for a higher spin speed which allows you to wring out your clothes better or automatic dispensers that will save you from the hassle of doing it manually.

Tip 4 – Check out the manufacturer. Not all of them are geared towards providing a good product although they all advertise that they do. Many of them are just interested in selling you their product and will not do anything in follow up. Even companies that have a good name like LG fall short when it comes to customer service.

Tip 5 – Most manufacturers have only a few base models on which a number of options are given, at a higher price of course. Going for this base model is a good idea because it will usually be more than sufficient for most of your needs. For example Bosch’s cheapest model costs $900 but when you compare it to their top of the line one that retails at $1600 you will find that you just get additional features and a better looking outer casing. Even the capacity is the same at 4 cu ft. Going in for the base model means that you get everything that you need including a really quite machine that has the bacteria free rinse and you have just saved yourself $700.

Tip 6 – If you have decided on a particular model, try a few online stores. You usually get massive discounts with them that can amount to more than a couple of hundred dollars. Most times you will still be saving on quite a bit even after you factor in the shipping charges, although this is something that you need to keep in mind when calculating the total cost of the machine.

Keeping these tips in mind is a very valuable thing when you go shopping for a washing machine. Many manufacturers rely on the fact that most people who buy washing machines need one immediately and therefore go out of their way to ensure that you buy their product immediately. The problems start only after that, and why compound an already existing problem with a new one.


Maintenance Tips for Your Washing Machine

August 10, 2011

washer maintenanceThe washing machine is one of the most practical devices around your house, and you will find that having a washing machine will make keeping your house clean a lot easier. Seeing as the washing machine handles all of the dirty clothing that accumulates on a daily basis, it is in your best interest to care for the washing machine. There are a few simple things that you can do to keep your washing machine in good condition, and you will find that performing regular DIY maintenance is the best way to keep it functioning with no problems:

1. One of the main parts of your washing machine that is likely to break is the water hose that connects your spigot to the washing machine, and the reason that it breaks is that the water tends to wear it out. Not only will the water running through the hose cause the connectors to rust and leak, but it could cause the hose itself to rupture and leak. You can either switch out your rubber hose every few years, or you can simply use a stainless steel fill hose that will last much longer than the rubber ones.

2. The washing machine needs to be placed on a surface that is as level as possible, as that will ensure that the machine doesn’t rock when it is on the spin cycle. If your washing machine is not placed at a level angle, the spinning parts of the washing machine will batter the inside and cause it to rock or even “walk” or move forward with the vibrations. If the washing machine doesn’t come with adjustable legs on the front of the machine, try using cinder blocks or some concrete to level off the floor where it will be placed.

3. The outside of your washing machine is likely to get dirty and dusty with all of the dust that it kicks up, and you will find that cleaning the outside of your machine will keep it in good condition. While this is purely aesthetic, it will ensure that your washing machine stays in good shape as long as possible.

4. The lint that is collected by the washing machine usually drains during the drain cycle of the washing, but the lint may collect in such quantities that it will not drain properly. Make sure to check the lint drain to ensure that it drains properly, else you may have to call a technician. Certain Maytag washing machines will collect the lint in the tube in the center of the machine, and you will need to remove the tube in order to clean the machine. Most machines will have the lint filter close to the top of the machine, and you will need to remove it, clean it, and replace it.

Doing these few simple things for your washing machine will ensure that it remains in good condition for as long as possible. Seeing as you spent all that money on buying the machine, it stands to reason that you would do as much as possible to keep it in good shape.


How to Keep Your Front Loader Washing Machine Odor Free

February 9, 2011

 Front loaders are all the rage, and rightly so. They are easier on your clothes, they can handle very large loads of laundry and some even have steam cycles for delicates and removing wrinkles. But none of this is any good if the washer is making your clothes smell worse instead of better. What’s worse than drying off after a shower with a fresh, fluffy, warm towel that smells like mildew?

Don’t worry — not all is lost. You can keep your front loader — and clothes — odor free.

Leave the door open whenever there are no clothes being washed. This allows moisture to escape. After a wash, the tub is warm and wet, which is a hotbed for mold and mildew to grow. When the door is closed, the water has nowhere to go, except down farther under the tub. Opening the door allows it to evaporate.

Use HE or "high efficiency" detergent all the time. Super concentrated, this detergent produces fewer suds and has less fragrance than regular detergents. The volume of suds produced by regular detergents acts like sludge to water draining out of the tub.

Rub a cloth over the inside of the washer at least once a week. Keep a cloth nearby, and wipe down the glass on the inside of the door. Then, gently move the rubber door seal and clean inside there. You’ll notice little grooves where water can sit. Combine 3/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach with a gallon of warm water. Dip a rag in the solution and clean in the grooves of the door seal once a month.

Clean the tub. Some front loader washers have a "tub clean" feature. If yours does, pour bleach into the detergent area. Then run the tub clean with an empty washer. If your front loader doesn’t have this feature, pour the bleach and run it empty on its hottest cycle. When it’s done, wipe it dry and leave the door open. Do this about once a month, or as often as you deem necessary.

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