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Preventative Maintenance for Microwaves

February 24, 2012

Microwave maintenance is easy and does not consume time. Moreover, when you care and look after your microwave, you will end up saving electricity, increasing your microwave’s life, getting tastier food, and saving cash on unnecessary repairs. Here are some preventative maintenance tips for your microwave:

  1. Before you start working on your microwave, read its manual and fully understand the safety and maintenance instructions.
  2. Ensure that you never ever place any substances in your microwave that have the potential to harm it. For example, you must not place metal, plastics or Styrofoam containers inside your microwave. Use microwave cookware. Remember that plastics and Styrofoam contain toxic chemicals and that these chemicals can potentially get into your food if you use them in your microwave.
  3. Do not overcook food in the microwave.
  4. While heating liquids, ensure that the liquid container is covered with a vented lid.
  5. Do you use your microwave to directly heat packaged food? If so, follow the microwave instructions on the package.
  6. Avoid spills inside the microwave. If your microwave does not feature a removable glass plate, then place the food item on a paper towel before heating.
  7. Wipe microwave clean after cooking a meal.
  8. Wash your microwave regularly (once a week), but don’t use strong detergent. Use very mild detergents.
  9. Soil builds up around the door edges and you must prevent and eliminate any soil on and around the door. A buildup of soil can keep the door from closing tightly and this can impact your microwave’s health.
  10. If dried food items get stuck on your microwave floor or wall, then boil some water in a microwave container and place the container inside the microwave. The steam generated will soften up the dried debris, which can then be gently wiped dry.
  11. If your microwave smells funny, then wipe its interior with warm water containing 1 tablespoon baking soda. Rinse and wipe the interior dry. Using 3 parts warm water and 1 part lemon juice works well too.
  12. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean your microwave.
  13. Do not use your microwave for deep-frying or heating baby bottles.
  14. Always set the heat timer as per instructions and from experience.
  15. Do not use the microwave to dry any items – for example, clothes. You risk starting a fire if you use your microwave for drying anything.
  16. Heat fatty foods in microwave-safe glass containers. This is because fatty foods get very hot very fast. If you’re unsure whether your glass container is microwave-safe, then place an empty glass container inside the microwave for one minute and heat. If the glass container is lukewarm, then use it for reheating; if it is cool, use it for cooking; if it becomes hot, don’t use it.

These are a few microwave preventative maintenance tips. Follow these if you want your microwave to live long and keep churning out lip smacking food.

Fleet Appliance Repair Long Island NY, Suffolk County NY

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