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Maintenance Tips For Your Stove Or Range

January 17, 2012

range maintenanceIf you own a stove or a range, you know that extending its life and making sure you can use it for a longer period of time depend on taking care of it very carefully. A stove or a range range can also get quite expensive, so it is also in your best economic interests to take care of the one you currently have very well. The following are some tips on how you can take care of your stove and maintain it well.

Your oven comes with a broiler pan that is, in most cases, porcelain-coated steel. This means that you have to approach your broiler pan in the appropriate manner. In the case of a broiler pan that is made from porcelain-coated steel, it needs to be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner due to the sensitivity of the material. Cleaning your broiler pan regularly will prevent you from having to replace it on your oven, which will cost you extra money unnecessarily.

If your stove / range has a control panel that is made out of either painted metal or painted glass, you have to also utilize a non-abrasive cleaner on its surface. Some examples of a non-abrasive cleaner are a liquid degreaser as well as a glass cleaner. When you use one of these kinds of cleaners, you must always keep in mind never to spray it right onto the control panel. Instead of doing this, spray some cleaner onto a rag that is damp and soft, and then wipe the control panel’s surface.

The burner drip pans (bowls) of your stove/range are another story entirely. While you can always try cleaning them anyway, in most cases, it will not be possible to entirely succeed at removing all of the dirt and stains that have accumulated on them over the years. What you are going to be forced to do instead is to replace these burner drip pans every 2 to 3 years, and that applies both to those that are placed under the grates on your gas oven or under an electric oven’s heating element.

The glass cooktops and windows on your stove/range must always only be cleaned by way of products that are especially made for these areas on your oven. An example of such a product would be a rangetop cleaner. The windows on your stove/range will be made out of glass, so rely on a specific oven glass cleaner for best results. Just as a note of caution, you should make sure that the glass surfaces of your appliance are not hot when you start cleaning them

The knobs on your stove/range deserve some cleaning, too. If you notice that they are dirtier than you can tolerate, you can usually find some success by cleaning them with just a little bit of dish detergent on a damp and soft rag. However, you have to be realistic about the condition of your knobs. If either their numbers or letters have already been worn out, then you might need to replace them entirely.



Restoring Your Antique Stove

May 14, 2011

Basically, antique stove is of varying sizes from small to big. Also, it can be made of several components like soapstone and cast iron. Aside from that, these woodburning stoves are usefully in a sequence of sets. There are appliances which are mostly for in-the-kitchen usage as several are intentionally for outdoor activities. However to achieve the superior of them, correct attention must be given to both external and internal of the antique stove.

A chimney that acts as channel for smoke must as well be given important sweeping concentration since they can mainly influence the creative and careful usage of the woodburning stoves. Before installation, this component must be well measured to avoid expulsions and troubles. Thinking that you’re aware regarding those matters but you’re still not closer yet in choosing or keeping the woodburning stoves. Relatively it is about repairing it. In this article you will know some basic steps on how to restore your antique stove.

Initially, no matter if you are using a woodburning stove, hunter stove or some other type they’re vulnerable to dirt and rust. To eliminate those you can use a wire brush. Also, you can use a hammer or chisel to eliminate old and depreciated cement which you want to take away. Secondly, to restore and load cracks and seams, you may use a putty blade to situate new stove cement. Before that you have to damp the portion with a towel or tissue. If you’ve done some fault to the use of the cement take it away immediately with a damp paper towel.

After that, wait for one day to parch the cement. Thirdly, clean the surface of the antique stove by using a damp rag. Then put a stove covering by using a soft cloth. Provide additional focus on the attractive part of the old stove. And finally, let the covering dry for some minutes and then polish the outer surface of the antique stove. Allow a day goes by and you’ll be able to utilize again your new looking stove. Now, if you are planning to buy antique stove you can continue with the installation or if you are planning to restore your old stove, you proceed with the process of repairing.

There are several companies which can tender you installation for free but it might cost you extra fee. When you’re restoring your antique stove you can just do it all by yourself or hire somebody to work it for you. In obtaining an old stove, you have lots of option either you purchase a latest one or tell your grandmother to offer their old stove for you and repair it. It is very inexpensive repairing it than purchasing the classic one because it will cost lots of money.


Feng Shui Kitchen Tips – Oven Placement

October 14, 2010

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house from a Feng Shui perspective as it is where food, the body’s fuel is prepared. With importance comes responsibility however and so great care should be taken to ensure that energy is allowed to flow around the kitchen in a natural, balanced and positive way.

A lot of advice is published on the web around where your kitchen should be situated, how a kitchen should be decorated, where your oven should be positioned, the direction your workshops should face and so on. A lot of the advice given warns of dire consequences and problems you may experience in your life if you do not adhere to good kitchen placement. The problem with a lot of the advice given is that it assumes that you are either building a house and can therefore choose where your kitchen is to be located or have an enormous kitchen and a large budget to totally redesign it. It is true that the kitchen can be one of the most problematic areas of the house but like everything in Feng Shui any problems can be very simply overcome without having to resort to a sledgehammer or a bank loan.

The main reason that the kitchen can be problematic is because it can encourage a destructive flow of energy. The focal point of the kitchen is the oven which represents fire. However the majority of the other large items in the kitchen are all water based. Think about the average kitchen. Normally it will contain a refrigerator, sink and dishwasher. The fire energy from the oven can be overcome with water energy if steps are not taken to provide the oven with some much needed support, leading to jerky and destructive energy in the kitchen and possible fractious relationships between the occupants of the home.

Fortunately there are a number of ways in which to provide support to the oven to promote a positive flow of chi. Some of these support tools may already be in place without you having to do anything at all. If your oven is on a south facing wall then it will automatically be strengthened by it’s placement in the fire area of the room. In the same way strength will be gained if the kitchen is in the south east or south areas of the home. If your oven or kitchen is not in one of these directions then you can use colour to provide support. Green is an excellent colour for a kitchen as green represents wood which supports fire while taking it’s own energy from water. To introduce green to your kitchen you do not necessarily have to paint the walls. Introducing some green kitchen items like utensil jars, cups, plates and bowls can work just as well. Red can also work well in a kitchen but should be used sparingly as you do not want to overdo the fire element. In our own kitchen which faces south I have a large red and green fruit bowl displayed in one corner to help strengthen the fire element.

One of the most important problems that needs to be overcome relating to the oven is if it is directly next to water, for example if the oven and sink are next to each other. If this is the case you will need to bring in some sort of barrier between them. This can be done by placing crystals in a bowl between oven and the sink. Excellent crystals to use are crystals which represent the element wood or fire like Carnelian and Citrine which can be placed in a small decorative wooden bowl or box. If there is really no room between the oven and the sink, fridge or dishwasher then you will need to place the crystals on top of the water based element, or in the case of the sink behind the sink.

As the oven is seen as the heart of the kitchen it goes without saying that it should be kept clean and in good repair. Any faulty burners should be replaced immediately. If you keep your oven well maintained and clean and use it often and with love then the energy around your kitchen will be healthy even though some items may not be perfectly placed. By following these simple guidelines even the slightest enhancements can make a big difference to the fortunes of your home.

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