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Trash Compactor Buyer’s Guide

June 26, 2013


Perth landfill | Fleet Appliance repairMany of the world’s largest landfills take in more than 10,000 tons of garbage a day. In the Pacific Ocean, a floating trash heap approximately the size of Texas and miles deep with degrading plastic filth grows as the currents feed it daily. The importance of proper waste disposal has never been greater.

Garbage compactors reduce the total mass of waste in the most primal way possible: by crushing it. It’s simple yet effective, allowing weeks of trash to be stored in a container typically only capable of holding days worth. By combining a kitchen trash compactor and a food disposal, it’s possible to reduce garbage output substantially.

Picking the right trash compactor requires a bit of research and knowledge of the best trash compactor features. Fleet Appliance is here to help with our Trash Compactor Buyer’s Guide. Below you’ll find helpful compactor information to help you choose the best home trash compactor for you.

Quick Tips

  • Trash compactors for home and commercial use come in multiple ram force powers capable of crushing manys bags worth of trash. Home compactors typically come in 2000, 3000, or 5000 force lb models.
  • Compaction can store 4 – 6x more trash than normal in one bag. However, this may be fairly heavy so be sure to use strong bags when you compact more trash.

Useful Trash Compactor Features

  • Toe latches allow you to open compactors while your hands are full which can be extremely helpful.
  • Locking units protect the compactor from careless access, preventing pets and curious children from getting into the unit.
  • Noise insulation reduces the noise compactors make. It’s not yet possible to mute it completely, but it helps.
  • Odor Reduction: need we say more?


Trash Compactors or Garbage Disposals?

Garbage Disposal | Fleet Appliance repairIt is not uncommon to hear the terms trash compactor and garbage disposal used interchangeably; these appliances offer fairly similar trash disposal functions so it is understandable. However, there is a difference.

Trash Compactors: Trash or garbage compactors are like trash cans that crush garbage. They reduce the volume of trash in home and in landfills.

Garbage Disposals: Garbage, trash, or food disposals are typically fitted into the plumbing of your kitchen sink, allowing you to grind and dispose of softer food waste.

Both appliances ultimately assist in the disposal of trash, but only compactors squish it smaller.


Freestanding Compactors Vs Undercounter Compactors

Which one is better for you?

Freestanding Trash Compactor

Freestanding units are portable, tend to be smaller, and typically hold less trash and compact with less force. They are perfect trash can replacements, however, and are often topped with a useful flat surface for additional storage. An additional perk is that these units tend to be cheaper at the low and mid-range; at the high-end, then can be more expensive than built-in compactors. Many people keep a freestanding compactor in their garage for the convenience and utility.

Undercounter Garbage Compactor

Under-the-Counter compactors are stationary units built into shelving or some other solid structure. They are more stable, usually crush with more force, and can be supplemented with all the handiest features including noise reduction and superior odor control. There are fairly cheap models available, but the most efficient ones typically cost a few hundred dollars. The convenience is often well worth it, especially for those paying for trash pickup by volume.


Hot Trash Compactor Models

We know how tough it can be to choose from the hundreds of trash compactor models available today so we found three of the hottest ones on the market for you!


Whirlpool Gold

Whirlpool compactor | Fleet Appliance repair

Undercounter Compactor

Middle Ground


KitchenAid compactor | Fleet Appliance repair

Architect II

Top of the Line


Broan compactor | Fleet Appliance repair

Elite XE 15”


  • Mid-range price
  • Anti-jam tech
  • Toe-press latch

  • Stylish design
  • 5:1 compression
  • Superior odor control

  • 6:1 compression
  • Odor filter
  • Extra capacity

  • Average compactor
  • Toe latch may break
  • Flimsy housing

  • Odor filter expense
  • Weak bags

  • Price


Important Compactor Safety Tips

  • Never place poisonous, explosive, or flammable materials inside your compactor.
  • Never put aerosol cans inside your compactor.
  • Glass should not be placed inside your compactor.

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